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Hello! I am Aspen, I am a proud member of LGBTQ+ and I like forum posting sites, so that is why I am here. Other than that, I am 15, and enjoy gaming, caffeine, anime, and bitcoin mining, and also anything tech and/or "geeky".

My soul has been claimed by aprzn123
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Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do for my semester term art project? If you look at my profile, I am into poetry, I'm also good at video editing, sometimes drawing and sketching, and also I'm pretty creative, I want to mix multiple of these together, such as a poetry picture with some of...
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Crimson River Aspen I may walk through the valley of the shadows With an ear to ear smile across my face, I'm still plagued with the pains and the sorrow. Given to me by the human race. Crimson water! Crimson water! Blood in the river! It's my sanity they slaughter! Down by the river, it's my bloo...
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The Supporter's Eulogy Aspen I so dearly had the right to speak, But now I'm silenced by hatred's peak. Nobody will listen or understand. Why can't we still live hand in hand? So what if I believe in something different than another, and so what if I stood my ground alongside sisters and brothers. ...
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This poem is dedicated to the light of my life. Truthful Blossom Aspen Roses are red, And my veins are blue. I feel better from my toes to head Whenever I'm talking with you. You were kind to me since I presented myself, You treated me humane. When around you I can be myself, And without you I fe...
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The Truth Inside My Head By Aspen I'm Sorry I'm twisted, I'm sorry I'm broken, I'm sorry I'm tested. I'm alone desiring remission. I know kids who cut their skin Thinking their life has no clarity, While people get under their skin, Is it what they are meant to be? I was once like them you know, ...
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Basically Every Day - Aspen All these people grip my neck And make it hard to breathe, So I tried to loosen it with a rope To leave what I've aggrieved. What have I become? What of this old familiar sting? I'm always getting hurt, And I remember everything. I can give you every detail Of what the...
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