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Hello! This is the Attic Man’s account. It is run by me, his friend. He’s a bit out of date with the rest of the world, so he asked me to run this account for him.
He is a very lonely misunderstood demon who likes to live in people’s attics, hence the name.
You can also call him Atticus McMannus.

Please be nice to him, he’s very sensitive.

-With Love, Atticus & his friend
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Feel free to make us some Atticus fanart. It makes him very happy.
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I do not have a soul.
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Hello! So I made this account for my friend Attic Man. He’s a very nice demon who likes to live in attics, hence the name. He’s really lonely only having two friends, so I was wondering if you would like to be friends with him too. Please be nice, he’s very sensitive.
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