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I can make half-decent pixel art, but I’m too lazy to make some for my profile picture right now.
I can play piano okay.
I also play percussion.
I also play tennis.
I also enjoy astronomy.
I try to be a likeable person.

Axolotls have nothing to do with my profile pictures.
I like them though.
Did you know that axolotls can regenerate limbs? Did you know that axolotls are from Mexico? Did you know that they're underrated animals?
I don’t care for minecraft axolotls.

My soul is claimed by W-Licky. Thank you so much. I am free from all of my worldly troubles

Claimed souls: gllwantedgcc, myownusername, wit'sa11, heliumaddict, weewooweewoo, Saturday light blues, Idecidedtorealthetos, crimsonwaste, BloodyFiend, opm, lode900, Counter, pwnshade96, KormagogTheDestroyer, Blue Hair Girl, ehh, arnoldthelegend, duckduckgoose3, I stabbed myself, pomegranatepen, GarfieldCat, itsshyotime, Azu, Misakii, teddy69, Luisberumen11, kale, Villaincore, chelsyBoga, TheImpostor, SurveyGuy, Housepant, Cooman294, Boaz, afellowIntellectual, OnufrienkoAgego, ravens7iot, Heatherveiny, MyUsernameIsThis, vdka_grl, JuliaKat, YodelingBanana9, inchworm24, Nico498609, someguy1, onko342, [T~T], FunniBunni, yourkarmaiscoming, Myhopes1, masochist, imanidiotlmao, Anorak2, Randomteenoninternet

this is where random stuff goes

</3 ?

you better have more forum posts than days you've been registered. OR ELSE.

i stole a bookmark one time. i completely agree with the message on it.
(oh, there’s no humor, i’m just stating)

we don't talk about my previous username.
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