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Hi, everyone! you can call me Sky, because I prefer not to be called by my real name. You might never find out what it is. Aaaanyway...I'm taking acoustic guitar lessons. It's been my lifelong dream to play electric, but I'm starting out with the basics. I can't live without music and I'd rather die than lose it. I'm in high school, and I love to rebel. If someone of high authority tells me not to eat butter by itself, I'll probably go do it. I play hooky often. I'm still the teacher's pet, as long as I like the person.
I'm crazy for Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, and techno...(Pop is also okay) I absolutely love Ed Sheeran.
I'm a Justin Bieber hater.
I wrote poems to vent, and writing stories is a sort of release to my harsh feelings. I consider myself to have anger issues, but I'm nowhere near being rageaholic. I'm somewhat able to restrain myself....somewhat, anyway.
I plan on starting a band once I master the guitar.
The adjective I use most often is insane. Literally, that's the word.
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