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Hello, I am Bronco, your personal pun companion.

Souls claimed: My own soul, DIAV, DragonMasta9001, GamerGirl(formerly known as ShrekRocky), SANS, steve, jo jo, kyle, Xxpastel_pinkxX, sertraline, Kirito, Kermit the Frog, Hunterr, Mega-Man, quartgallon, anonymous, Guns Akimbo, Bubblegum, ToastedMilk, stripes(25%, 50% belongs to W_Licky, the other 25% is back with stripes), Poodonkus913, Littleredhead!, questionboi, Stripedsweater99, TheMrArnold, Bucket, ENAwashere, Natalie, Hello, One, chuckaboo, Pelon, cadencebeek08, PsyDuckFriend, brianstj, tryhardddddd, retard, JoeBiden, Antartic, DJTrump, tacoking101, mojito-bb, CC, CaptainTem13, saelabousy, Gnomesmell, Orbrepus, W_Licky, anonymous TC&S user, K1NG, ImmuneToApples, mrs.wraith, Pluto Sad, any impostor BroncoBoy's, Ruby_Murphy, sisiwashere, mychilddelane, sarg3nt_00f, Handsome12345, thethirstymule, AvikBlanson, RavenclawKing, justcallmenan, JoJolyne, rarefushion, Z̵a̴l̵g̸o̵, bee_natural, EricDotCom, Cassy09, ahsker, Superburrito, chishio, millrcrt, Kookoobari, Probot(AND HE'S NEVER GETTING IT BACK!!), tinajbee05, AustinTheSlacker, jtumbaco5s, Nope, dasmora, jerodeag, Kegan wak, 1blazensun.jpeg, artist trash, Loading..., TheLastPringle, Magnet Man_Offical, cheapchill, by3by3, Not_It86, 1% of Ashker's soul, xenarian, Lazy_as_fucc, Adolf Hitler, qbx35593, DOMJOEPRO, 8675309, jay1385321, forestfrog, crystal, Ree-Kid69, 95% of AlexOnline's soul, LTY748, aspenistree, Hezelnut_Jello, Bro0, toadie, Lemonsauce, gary is mah city, Sluginpotato1, htp.aub, Wh4tever, IsidroBal, Eduardolex, DecieverParagon, awesomeanny2008, FlameTechie, TheStickBug<3, AethEric, sus, JorgeBeans696969, Marco Bartoli, noʎʞɔnɟ, The Chair, WrookaywgDrits, ThatDanKid1273, moistcabbage, Obi210, 50% of SecretNeighbor, zixuwu, My_Day_Is_Trash, ImAThermometer, bruhbruhbruhbruh, XYZ, chunkeyman, Dice, Frumpy, Caitlyn, Jojobinks$23, CelestialFox, billiesimplish, notryan, Belug@sMom84, 50% of $4MU$'s soul, Yess, Nat The Kitty Kat, 5appleshigh, Sgt.Cat, terry chocolate orange, T H I R S T Y M A N, W I D E M A N, differentialcalculus, ch3f, alsa


My username is case sensitive

Follow me and I follow you back

pfp: Smol Christmas Dawn(Credit:W_Licky)
[THERE IS NO ESCAPE]: Become a true follower of Jaxxie.
[It's mine now]: Claim a soul
[Noted]: Obtain a title
[Wow, you're that guy]:Become famous here
[I'm immortal]: Become immune to the link
[CTRL+C, CTRL+V]: Have an alt
[Huh]: Wonder if your pony can fly
[Arrivederci]: Release a soul
[Shadow Realm]: Be banned at least once
[Imprisonment]:Become trapped by two cans tied by string
[THATS LAND]: Volcano Alert
[Never Give Up]: Rick Roll someone on here
[Duo]: Have your bio be a different language for a week
[Noice]: Have 69 followers
[Senpai]: Have your achievements be noticed by a different user
[Smol World]: Have a user live close to you

oh, I also live in Utah
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