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i lost me ole bio 'n i am tragically traigcced

avatar by me

i am known as the following names: bug, buggus, sir buggus, tony hawk, tony pizza, pizza steve, really awesome and cool person whom is adored by all, and more. feel free to give me nicknames
pronouns who? call me whatever. i no longer care.

souls: Richardoxymn, IcyHoneydew, milfeater69, Lalalalala.coi.pooop, haterpilliar, pigeon, puddingfrog, Mikeram, Jacquimo, Goose, bug 2.0, pink9320, jjune

my soul belongs to stripes

evil era
stripes is best
acky is not to be trusted
i love ducktales and i will win any trivia
i have a PhD
i am the most amazing human being to grace your presence. you are welcome
if you took me to mini golf i would win
i win everything
i like birds
i am a professional at everything

i promise to excell at everything a little british boy like me must excell at
i will not let you down father - stripes

sometimes i like to change things for the sake of changing them
if you see this, ask me for an avatar from my gallery that suites you and you just might learn a thing or two

this about me was made possible because of viewers like you. thank you.
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i can't stop thinking about how nobody is real
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do you even lift bro?
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