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i am known as the following names: bug, buggus, sir buggus, tony hawk, tony pizza, pizza steve, feel free to add more
- author, artist, youtuber, former president, professor, doctor, all around good guy

i am the second president of tcas
i am also the headmaster and main professor of bug university

evil era is gone
stripes is best
i love ducktales
i win everything
i like birds
i love god
i am pirate yargggg matey
i am a professional at everything
i love freya, freya my beloved <3 3 1334133333

souls: Richardoxymn, IcyHoneydew, milfeater69, Lalalalala.coi.pooop, haterpilliar, pigeon, puddingfrog, Mikeram, Jacquimo, Goose, bug 2.0, pink9320, jjune, 0blivion, 0_M_0, DocHunt, bigbellyburger, HappyFrog, dirt, poopyAPE69420
- my soul belongs to stripes (hi stripes)
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i can't stop thinking about how nobody is real
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do you even lift bro?
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