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i like mimicking certain paintings, such as EATEOT or pixel art.

i'm not gonna be participating in soul claiming anymore, gOoDbYeEeeEEeeE

which one of yew hooligans are messing with my gallery!? aararghgghgh!!!
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What gun do you like?
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Survey: What's your favorite kind of knife?
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How many cheeses do you know? Also if you wanna tell me that you know over 100 cheeses, you'll have to name over 40 cheeses.
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Get your cheese here!
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This is another cheese survey, now including other cheeses. Note: Multiple people chose these cheeses, so I just put it in this survey for more options. Thank you for telling me about more types of cheeses, I'll make sure to remember Fun fact: Some people use cheeses and mix them with either lemon...
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What kind of cheese do you like? Note: The blue part on the blue cheese is a type of edible mold.
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