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I'm single by choice. Just not my choice.

I like saying I'm an introvert, but really I get my energy from being around other people and talking to friends. I can't start conversations very well though, or carry them with new people, so I consider myself an "insecure extrovert."

In my free time I like writing music and practicing Spanish and Japanese. (not necessarily in that order)

If you have questions or want to chat, hit me up! My Discord is down below. I’ll probably respond faster there than this website.

I have been a TAG student since I was old enough to be in the program, meaning I am getting screwed over by the American school system in a different way than most other students.

A test I took as a first grader qualified me to be in MENSA, but my school doesn't like handing out copies of those results :/

I feel like sexual orientation and/or gender identity should be on more people's profiles so I don't accidentally misgender someone; as for me, I am a (mostly) lesbian female, and my pronouns are she/her.

I am 19 years old. (Birthday: 06/11/2003 in mm/dd/yyyy format)

Usual profile pic is Reina Kousaka, first-year trumpet player at Kitauji High School; featured in the anime series Hibike! Euphonium. May differ from time to time.

Vocal Music Education Major at the University of Iowa, but I can play about 7 different instruments. They are: trumpet, trombone, euphonium, piano, organ, mellophone, and string bass. As for vocal music, I sing alto.

I am obligated to hate Kylljoy for the very fact that I go to the University of Iowa and he goes to Purdue. Look up Iowa’s 2021 football season if you want more information.

My username does not mean anything, it is like a brand name. I do know, however that ちょたのし (cho tanoshi) translates to "hella fun."

For my subtitle, I asked for some obscure Japanese characters, and I guess I got what I asked for. ゐ and ヰ are both "wi," ゑ and ヱ are both "we," and 䨺 is "tai," which means "cloudy." Both "wi" and "we" were considered outdated in 1946, and are now usually replaced with うぃ(ui) and うぇ(ue). "Tai" is an outdated hyōgai kanji (Jōyō is mainly used nowadays). The modern word for "cloudy" is 曇り (kumori).

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