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Eater of Trees
Hello. Let's start simply; I am Coldfrost. If you find that too long to type or read, I guess you could call me Frosty? Many already do. I read some, I write some. I enjoy most anything outdoors, especially if it is associated some way with camping or backpacking. I also (used to ) march in a band. I bike a lot as well, mostly to keep in shape so that I can march in a band without dying. That is all you are going to get out of this Blurb. Feel free to message me if you want. I do prefer they/them pronouns.
Warning: Activity and sleep deprivation will vary with workload. Please check with your doctor or physician before speaking to Coldfrost, as they may cause side effects in those with a rare heart condition. Cease taking Coldfrost and contact your physician immediately if you have trouble breathing, sleeping, eating, talking, if you experience symptoms of frostbite or hypothermia, or if you experience moderate to severe cardiac arrest.

(I claimed my own soul long ago. You cannot have it. >:[ )
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Young man There are leaves all around I said young man Eat a leaf off the ground I said young man Won't they make a cool sound When you shove! Them! In! Your! Leaf! Hole!
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