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Well, before now, my profile used to just say '42', but that's not really gonna cut it now, is it? Because I only really said that 'cause I didn't know what else to say. And because it is the answer to life, the universe, and everything-but you probably already know that, I would hope.

Erm, well, a little about me: I'm 20 (apparently I don't look at this except in increments of a year), I live in the US, I'm a bro^2, and I'm sort of lazy. Which is why it took me so long to write a blurb that is more than 2 characters long. Oh, and I'm a girl, but if it took you this long to realize, you probably don't belong on the internet, you might get lost. Or accidentally blow up the world while trying to find your missing sock. Which would be a GREAT way to take over the world and all of human population, don't you think? Oh, and you can call me Seven (or 7). Also, NICEPHPIO gave me a puppy that I named Dallas. So, thank you Dom. And I have Bo, the technohound, from Muschy. Also, I'm Chia's big sister. And Toad's adopted (or adoptive?) bro/sis/BRO^2. And I'm apparently running away with Jackster. And you might even know me as Sherlock. Because sarcasm is fun. Good times.

I love you all.

Also, just a warning: if I say something that makes no sense, it's probably because I'm sleepy.

By my power of Luck and Awesomeness and Numbers (and I guess Math) I hereby decree today, March 30, 2013, to be For 7 Day. Ironically enough, each part of the date has a 3 in it, the number I most associate as complimentary to 7 (you know, summing to 10 and all).

What's wrong with me, I'm such a troll that the real troll of my trolly post was that I just wanted to use a bunch of lame puns...I have a problem.

My skype is luckynumb3r7 if ya wanna

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