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Just come on here occasionally, mostly for relationship stuff. Feel free to talk to me about any problems. I'm always willing to help. Profile pic is great, my friends on here are great people.

A little bit about me:
I'm 18, male, straight, most likely polyamorous (but fine with monogamous relationships too,) have an incredibly long chin (which makes me ugly,) and am a total extrovert. I also like to think I'm funny. Every once in a while I take time off the site but never intentionally. I'm single, but I have dated before so I do have some expertise in that field. I am also a huge soccer (English football) nerd. Ask me pretty much any soccer question, and I will give you an answer involving Bernardo Silva's incredible goal against Aston Villa or an incredible save Emiliano Martinez pulled off.

Feel free to message me to talk about any of my interests, or really anything in general. I'm up for friendly conversation at any time.

Also, why are people so willing to get their souls taken? I don't bother with the forum usually, because of this. And you know, crazy mean forum-members go brrrrrr.
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