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Hi! creeping on my profile? that's okay. I've probably been on yours longer. (opening statement shamelessly stolen from Eric-616)

My name is Nathan (duh). I'm 15, freshman, he/him. American. I’ve linked my YouTube, although it’s just full of crap.

Legislator in the Two Cans Republic, Employee of the Souls Thread, and member of The Pain of Life. I have an alt called “C:\Users\Currentnathan\” that I use for polls to put in the Republic Census thread.

Beautiful pfp by Tofuhound.

depressedguy was my first follower!

Souls claimed: baconboy1357, mdfofmodf, BobbyWaw, tjtuffnut, Noirwhal, Evillive, and 99% of Emerson.

I gave 1% of Emerson’s soul to stripes for a single air.

My soul's been claimed by user64837.
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