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Lets see, some of my nicknames have been:
Tuna, Dragon, Mitch, Dots, Threagon, Warrior, DW, Dragon face, Dragonman, Pic, Drag, and Jake.

I don't really know what to put here so here's my best shot.

I'm eighteen (1996), live in a peculiar misery, (I'll give someone a cookie if they get that.) and a stereotypical male nerd. With a few exceptions, but that doesn't matter. I tend to ramble on into a incoherent babbling that doesn't make sense, or really matter, but occasionally it fits together in interesting ways. ( which means this is going to be a long profile, so I suggest skimming, or not reading it any further.) I'm reasonably intelligent but I'm lazy and procrastinate a lot. I'm easily exited about subjects I'm interested in and start getting impulsive after awhile, but for anyone who can stand my stupidity, they'll have one hell of a time. I'm also very shy, so don't expect much of a conversation if i just met you.

I can become obsessive about my interests to the point of addiction, but if I'm not and just doing stuff like a normal person, I become excessively bored to the point of depression. I play many kinds of video games, but mostly RPG's. I'm a die-hard fan of Monster Hunter and own a Wii because of it. I play Pokemon time to time, but I kinda lost interest lately due to another obsession: writing. Besides my Pokemon games disappeared mysteriously and had all my hard trained Pokemon. I wasn't really upset by this surprisingly; just kinda don't care it seems. I can become easily distracted and can waste hours doing something stupid.

For being shy, I am writing a lot of stuff... I watch many different anime, most of which are unfinished and need to be. I've given up listing them and decided to just watch them all, that's going to be fun... I think that I just filled this full of pointlessness drivel and need to stop before it's autobiography. So if you have any questions, go ahead and message me. Oh, and one last thing: my favorite color is red.

Behold The Noodles!

I've been writing a Fanfic. If you're interested, I have the same username at
8/2/2015 update: I haven't touched it in a loooong time. Whether I go back and redo it is up in the air at the moment.

I also have a story; Dragon Drive, which is on Fictionpress under the name.
8/2/2015 update: Rewriting the first book, hoping to publish soon.

7/31/2016 update: I'm gone now. (And Dragon Drive is published via Lulu books.)

Disclaimer: Most of this was written back around when I entered highschool, and I'm still too lazy to really update it.

9/23/2017 update: Added Discord as the most reliable way to contact me.
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