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currently: ★
★ - offline (SUMMER VACAY), will respond.. when i get the chance to
☆ - online, will respond quickly
☂︎ - idle (showering/daydreaming/with mom/outside), will respond a little slower

achievements -
🍌successful allies: won the war with banana man
👎disapproval: got 4 thumbs down from Pelon
🚀sky rocketing: reached 1000 forum posts:
🚫cancelled on twitter: blocked by W_Licky
✳master of my soul: self claimed
👻soul snatcher: claimed another user's soul
🔥 i’m basically famous: create a new thread in the forum with 5 pages of replies

e-bag originally claimed my soul, but he gave it back to me because he felt bad
i now own it
my soul is not claimable unless if i decide to donate it to someone
donated 0.001% to W_Licky

gwiyomi, emokitten, A tree, glowbug

people i've dn'ed (message me if you don't know what that means, i'll help you):
Currentnathan x2, e-bag
Iateap0tat0, Titanlord237, BroncoBoy18
chonkus, Pelon

if you want me to remove you from the lists above, you have to send me a 5 paragraph essay stating as to why you should be removed, and cite your sources

reminder for myself: i will do my best to avoid dn jokes towards W_Licky. any dn jokes i make towards W_Licky will be voided. if this occurs, i will give him 0.001% of my soul each time it happens.

all my pinned questions are important statements
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