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You didn't do your Spanish lesson today. Tengo tu familia.

I have no soul; I am a heartless green bird who knows languages.

Spanish or vanish
French or the Trench
Japanese or broken knees
Russian or Concussion
Chinese or the Deep Freeze
English or Perish
Turkish or the Circus
Korean or Never be Seen
Finnish or be finished
Dutch or the crutch
Greek or your teeth
Italian or the Battalion
German, You Vermin
Czech or your Neck
Portuguese or the Squeeze
Latin or be Flattened
Hawaiian or You're Crying
Hebrew or You're Through
Vietnamese or your Grand-Niece
Polish or be Demolished
Norwegian or Never Speak Again

Alt of W_Licky, thus soul is owned by BroncoBoy18
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German, you vermin.
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It's quite simple, really. I help you learn Japanese, and you don't get broken knees. Deal?
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