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New Bio coming soon.

I have claimed the souls of: TheMan2, SpiffyBoi, iprefertoremainanonymous, mayafatherstun, picklea, lizzyalbert21, impsus, blackbird1306, Aternic, Jeffrey Wynter, the chair, elegente, Littleredhead, Suu, AmaanKhan34, PersonIsMe, bit, gamepinupcasino, Martinez, eeg, JoshuaSmave, Renowned, EthanZ, Calypso, hayfever, no noame, T H I R S Y M A N, AAAAAAAlno, Crewanbency, Simon_34545, thecintron, 21tamhv1, ssovetsc, eyeliner, slide, Glezaimnus, Robert70, jasonkx3, kgd09, oaqkk, woo.zy, donuthole, RealBigSucc, Altonhoasy, EdForYou, bj_8, Richardalexy, DonaldJoync, sumochkimlVok, Davidwogma, Hm,Neat, goldfish1, ZaxOrSomethin, CapriSun, and stuartaskin1123.

I got my own soul back from Kylljoy, at the cost of a few of my own souls.

The almighty Grand Poobah has bestowed upon me the title of "Banana". I shall cherish it forever.

Gene <3

Old Bio(s):

"Hello. I'm e-bag, a 17 year old from Nebraska. I love trains and aviation, so if you mention either of those around me, I will join your conversation. I'm usually talking in multiple threads on the forum, but I'll pop up in the Q&A occasionally. If you ever need to talk for any reason, my messages are open. Or, message me on Discord. Either one works. Have a good morning, afternoon, evening, night, or whatever time it is where you live. " -e-bag, Second Half of 2022.

"Hey there, I'm e-bag, a 16 year old from Nebraska. Trains and planes are my favorite things, and I want to become a commercial pilot as soon as I'm able. I'm usually talking on the forum, but you can message me anytime, and for any reason. Have a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night." -e-bag, First Half of 2022.

"Hey. I'm ebaG, a 16 year old sophomore from Nebraska. I love playing video games in my free time, I'm obsessed with trains, along with my friend [][][][][][][][]_[][][][][], and I'm an aspiring airline pilot. Feel free to chat with me any time, for whatever reason. Have a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night." - ebaG 2021 "

Hi! I'm ebaG! I'm a 15 year old freshman from Nebraska, and I like video games, trains, and making friends. If you're reading this, you probably saw a post of mine on the forum or in a question. I'll follow you if you follow me back. Anyways, have a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night." - ebaG 2020

I keep my old bios, because I like to see how I have changed.
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Hey there, sir, madam, or other. How have you been? I hope you've been doing good, but if not, I can always chat with you, No questions asked. And if you don't want to privately message me, just listen to this: Just know that out of 7.8 billion people, you are unique and have a special set of skills...
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