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Hi, I'm Eric.

They say a kitten dies a terrible death every time you double post.

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"The google image results for steam summer sale are hilarious. So many Gabe Newell memes. I only knew..."
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"Good to see you back Cloud!"
in General Discussion > Users/People you miss
" I also vote you move everything down one pixel."
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"I don't know why the pig on the cover looks so angry."
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"All my loife."
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"Woah that's actually pretty cool. I hope you're not trolling me.."
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"What's my username again? Edit: Thank you."
in The Sandbox > Who's Online Right Now? (Neighbourhood Watch)
"//////// I always like reading your posts and I'm glad you felt that one."
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"Hey there, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here. Also, I'm claiming your soul. Thanks."
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"That Sophrosyne is pronounced 'Soff-raw-sinee'. I've been calling him 'Soaf-is-trone' in my head for..."
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"Hopefully not cheese puns."
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"New favorite Frosty avatar. Very fun to look at."
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"Aw so ninja'd. :("
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"2035960 Edit: 2036009 same thing"
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"Every time I play a driving game for more than a couple hours, I completely forget how the rpms on m..."
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"*shrugs* Not sure where I was going with it, if anywhere."
in Music/Movies/TV/Books > Cartoon Network Renaissance Shows
" It was a nice break from french horn, but I wasn't much better at it. Welcome to the site."
in Introductions > Hey y'all