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Hello people of the Internet, I am flutterguy13 I am a blue pegasus stallion with a red and orange mane, my cutie mark is a game controller (of coarse because I am a gamer) and yes you guessed it I am a brony. Outside of the interwebs I am known as Josh short for my full first name Joshua. Now I know that there are bronies on here and I would love to talk to some of you guys, but I also know there are anti-bronies on here and I just want to take the time to say I have nothing against you and if you have tried the show and didn't like it that is ok, but if you watched it and started to hate on us bronies for it that is just not cool.
That's all I have to say, to all the bronies reading this :) brohoof.
To all the anti-bronies if you haven't watched the show give it a try a lot of bronies start out the same way, if you have watched the show stop being jerks we have done nothing wrong.
To all the people out there that don't like he show but also don't hate on bronies, thank you for being kind ;)
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