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I am theki. Hoylecake is my old username. theki is not to be spelled with any capitalization, and if you refer to me by name you may use Holly. My body consists of 60% lead.

I am a frontend web developer by day, and epic gamer by night. While in the morning I'm making cool things in JavaScript and changing my website homepage for the eighteenth time that week, in the evening I'm pwning epic n00bz and getting the sickest headshots in Counter-Strike while DEFINITELY not sweating my balls off.

I am currently saving up for a brand-spanking-new PC so I can extend my reach to Awesome Sick Dope Awesome and Dope VIRTUAL REALITY, pwning evil robot guys in Boneworks and not installing 15,000 mods and spending most of my time in sandbox rather than story. Bonelab is my savior, as it is coming to the Quest 2. My days will be better knowing that I can finally play a game such as it, but until then I am left with 5FPS on lowest settings playing Roblox on my PC with a GTX 745 GPU and a Core i7 CPU. Fun fact: To know is to know knowing and knowing knowing will make you know how to know knowing knowing knowing knowledge of knowing. How would you know? I know I would know because I know I've known, which I know that you know you would not know I've known that you don't know I know I've known what I know. I know, it's hard to know that to know you know you had known you hadn't known is to know knowing knowledge and knowledge is simply knowing knowing knowledge, knowing knowing knowing to know knowledge knowing.

Souls: nordict, shirus29, kirril67, ShadedGrove, LabledHeathen, WrookaywgDrits, Thomassex, TheJ, daddy2273, Victorblv,
Souls gifted to me: Thomassex, CustomerServiceRep, MelvintownUSA, ilovebooty, blav112 (Thank you acky!)
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