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Ackyyackyattack made the hat on my avatar. Go check him out or something.
he/it, btw.

Hi, I'm hoylecake, but you can call me theki. All you need to know about me is that my soul is wrongfully in the hands of PoikiChoi and I have been trying to find ways to get it back ever since.

my "achievements" (thx kylljoy)
πŸ”’ Veteran I | Make 10 forum posts
πŸ”’ Veteran II | Make 50 forum posts
πŸ”’ Veteran III | Make 100 forum posts
πŸ”’ Veteran IV | Make 250 forum posts
πŸ”’ Veteran V | Make 500 forum posts

❓Inquisitive I | Ask 10 questions

πŸ“ Answerer I | Make 10 answers
πŸ“ Answerer II | Make 50 answers
πŸ“ Answerer III | Make 100 answers

> throwaway souls:
iamamamdammam, LabledHeathen
> inactive souls: (people who are mostly inactive/havent got on for months or years but still have a pfp/bio)
ShadedGrove, BMJF
> forum souls: (real forum people)
kirril67 (i think?)
> cute souls: (reserved)
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Write a eulogy for me if I were to die. I am interested in what you view as my accomplishments, despite your limited understanding of me and my history. Still, try your best.
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TwoCans chose Jazz Hands to be Blake, webmaster of asdfjkl;, Two Cans & String, the Crayon language, and some other things I might not know about. This is great and funny but I'm afraid I'll get a lot of things wrong. But It'd be wrong not to try. So you're looking through the responses on your asd...
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hello. it is me. i have returned
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vote. if the number of votes of answer you chose is a multiple of 5, you win
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how can i get into D&D without reading 200 pages of instructions and forcing my friends to do the same thing as well?
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type a random letter. find beauty
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