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[INTRO]: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening depending on your time zone! Or, goodnight if you are supposed to be in bed! I'm Iateap0tat0 (say I-ate-a-potato, not late-potato), and I apologize that my name sounds like an internet troll. You can call me Potato if you want!

[PRONOUNS]: I use she/her pronouns.

[SOULS]: itsunfair has possession of my soul, but I also have his >:D I also had vta's soul, but I gave it back to them.

[CULTS]: I am part of The Pain of Life, but aren't we all?

[HOBBIES]: I enjoy programming, graphic design, and gaming. I can code in Python (2 and 3), and I am familiar with Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. I'm currently working on a choose your own adventure story on Python 3, and perhaps porting it to Ren'Py (a visual novel engine)! I often use Canva, Piktochart, and Pixlr E to create memes, designs, and other fun stuff. Despite knowing graphic design, you can tell I suck at pixel art solely from my icon. The new image editor is amazing and it hides my lack of ability to draw well.

[VIDEO GAMES]: My all-time favourite video game is The Battle Cats, but I also enjoy the Assassin's Creed franchise, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem Three Houses. I'm currently addicted to Genshin Impact (yes, I'm a weeb, even though I'm aware it's a Chinese game). Feel free to message me about anything, whether it be my interests or otherwise!

[CONCLUSION]: Wow, you read the entire description? I never knew people did! Thanks a bunch! I should probably cut it down. Sorry for wasting your time. But anyway, HAND (Have A Nice Day), and cheers!

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