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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to you! Or goodnight if you're supposed to get some rest! I'm Iateap0tat0 [say "I ate a potato"], and I wish you HAND (Have A Nice Day)!

I use they/she pronouns.

Souls claimed:
vta (released)

Soul claimed by:

My messages are open, so shoot me a message if you'd like to chat!

I'm part of The Pain of Life, and if you're interested in joining in, don't hesitate to ask me!

Achievements (trying to stay trendy on TCAS be like):
👻 [SOUL CATCHER]: Claim a soul.
💨 [SOUL RELEASER]: Release a soul.
💬 [ACTIVE 1000]: Reach 1000 forum posts.
❓[ASK ME THIS]: Ask a total of 100 questions.
❗️ [ANSWER THIS II]: Answer a total of 2000 questions.
🛑 [RED OF ENDS]: Obtain a red flair, the highest flair. All other button achievements have been archived.
🔘 [REST IN PEACE]: Witness the death of the button. Final score: 6.634 days.
✌️ [PEACE OUT]: Go on a hiatus. (Maximum hiatus length: 20 days)
👥 [CLONING MACHINE]: Create an alternate account.
🐺 [LUPINE LONER]: Survive and win as town to the end of a game of Werewolf.
💼 [GODFATHER]: Get away with murder alive in a game of Mafia.
🐰 [MY NEW NEIGHBOUR]: Become a true follower of the Grand Poobah.
🦙 [THERE IS NO ESCAPE]: Become a true follower of jaxxie.
🎙 [NOT QUITE A MOD, BUT I'LL TAKE IT]: Become the moderator for the TCAS 2021 Presidential Debate.
🎂 [PRESTIGE I]: Remain a member of Two Cans and String for 1 year.
Forum Posts: 1246
Questions: 117
Answers: 2196
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Registered: Mar 28th, 2020
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