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You kinda have to have a life in order to make art, and so if your life is consumed by everything surrounding music but not music itself, then I think you don't really have anything to sing about. I think that's why a lot of bands sing about being in hotel rooms and stuff like that. -Win Butler

Now all that was left 'neath the bad-smelling sky
was my big empty factory...
the Lorax...
and I.
The Lorax said nothing
just gave me a glance. Just gave me a very sad, sad backward glance.
He lifted himself by the seat of his pants and I'll never forget the grim look on his face
as he hoisted himself and took leave of this place through a hole in the smog without leaving a trace
and all that the Lorax left here in this mess was a small pile of rocks with one word.
-Dr. Seuss

And then, we tried to name our babies, but we forgot all the names that, the names we used to know. And sometimes, we remember our bedrooms, and our parents' bedrooms, and the bedrooms of our friends. Then we think of our parents. Well, whatever happened to them? -Arcade Fire

And yes, our mothers' mothers saw in black and white, but all that's over now, and our children never lie. And no matter how we try, we are not afraid to die. -Iron and Wine

"I think that in the future, pants will be so low cut that your pubic hair will be exposed and it’s going to be fashionable to like, kind of have like, shapes and beads and stuff in the pubic hair." - Win Butler!
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