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Hello, I'm InsiDoubt.
I once put on a pair of socks, inside out, and it made me wonder what all this was about.
It's that insane train of thoughts in your head. I wonder: "Does it matter".
And as I sat there, sock in hand, I came to the conclusion that it doesn't.
Not one single thing in this universe cares if you wear your socks inside-out.

Maybe it's a sign of a mental illness. Maybe it means you're a prophet. Maybe aliens are trying to tell you something. Maybe it means nothing at all and you should get off the computer and stop reading something somebody you'll never meet has written. Or maybe you're just lost and you haven't the foggiest if you're InsiDoubt or DoubtSideOut and you're just trying to FigureItOut!
But you'll find no answers here.
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