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Hello, I am Jackster2.0, but I am remembered around the forums lovingly as Momma Bird.

I am a Nerdy Owl that hangs out in Forum Games and General Discussion. I apologize for my stupid phone in advance.

This owl would also like to go travel the world with the Doctor in the Tardis some day.
She has traveled across the US in a car with a very large blue and green Ape, but that does not count.

Please do feel free to send me a message whenever you feel like it. I won't bite, but if I do it won't be more than a nibble.

Also, My contact info is a trap. Beware.

Has a harem that includes Houndoom.
Is declaring Toad one of my most favorite internet humanoids and he owes me (3) Hugs.
Is building a dream house with Plutian and Sunshineshannen.
Is loved forever by Bluebart.
Is more than willing to be the Penny to MaC's Dr. Horrible.
Is a member of Team Rocket with Jaxxie.
Is going to take tea with Meowmix6 someday.
Is going to run away with cool7girl7.
Is BlankPages' very own Momma Bird.
Is new best friends with InsiDoubt.

Is followed around by NekoKitty652 because I make her twitchy.
Is Nanners' official fangirl friend.
Is Iheartanyonebutyou's darling.
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Registered: May 6th, 2013
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