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currently residing in maine, usa.

my names jane whiskey, but not really

this dude is a musical genius

you hit the jackpot
a gorgeous little gamer
man im too good to be true :~v

>the rest of my blurb is just a mess of stuff i wanna remember so dont worry about it<

shopping list:
pizza rolls
instant oatmeal
healthy stuff

once upon a time...
there was a space outlaw
who fell in love with the space kings daughter
and they both agreed they were meant to be together

the princess decided to run away with him
and they planned to meet
at their favorite meadow before they escaped

but it was a trap
the princess had lied, and the outlaw
was surrounded by the kings army of warlocks.

filled with anger from her betrayal
the magic that was meant to capture the outlaw
instead transformed him into a monster
and he escaped...

girls are so magical
sometimes i think if i was a girl id be the cutest girl but then i remember im just an average uncute dude
or somewhat of a dude at least
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