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I feel evil right now. P.S. Look out behind you.

Here are some quotes of mine:

- "JSan Last Poster Theorem states that on any Last Poster thread, the last winner will fail within 2 hours unless the thread dies or is locked."

- "I could say there's an invisible pineapple in my hand you cannot see. You are not able to observe this for you’re on a computer in another part of the world so, relative to you, it has a much probability of being true as it is false."

- "The only way a man can be at peace with his mind is if he becomes the corpse that we all will become. But this only brings more problems to those who the man had relations with and is ultimately the worst ultimate solution."

- "This wall, my head. They just collided with each other multiple times in a row."

- "You have a gun without ammo, I have ammo without a gun. Lets see how this turns out."

- "Lucy! Pack your bags! The mob is after us!

- "I was going to give a monologue, but it was about how I should cut down on my monologues, so I'll just cut to the part where I kill you."

- "Things were said, words were used, dead bodies were buried. It was a bland conversation."

- "You all look like a lively crowd! Except that guy, he looks like he has a minor case of being dead."

- "We're alive because Fate loves me. Now get going, I lost a bet to Fate and I want to get out of this universe before she cashes out!"

- "'He's going to kick your butt!'_'You're just being melodramatic.'_'Let me reiterate that; When he kicks your butt off your body he'll use it to play football!'"

- "In Soviet Russia, bank teller robs you!"

- "Come to the light, it's the glint of my knife!"

- "You better share that katana!"

- "Honor is when you fight with a code. Pride is when you fight when someone insults your code."

- "I'm not insulting you. If I were, it would require me to look at your hideous figure. I wouldn't be able to live with myself after that."

-"If you only look at the glow that engulfs a person, then you won't be able to see what the silhouette really is."

-"Love. It's an instinct that's thrown around like confetti so a couple of organisms can make babies. Friendship, however, is a gift few creatures are blessed with. And yet instinct is rated higher than our gifts, to my disappointment."

-"A lack of rationality kills."

-"Life is hell. This is just the truck stop."
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