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Saw other people doing AMA's so I figured i'd go ahead and do one! "I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like" (ignore the rest of the quote lol it's irrelevant to us)
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I've been trying to get into the Forum a bit more, but it's a lot. Are there any specific threads I should follow?
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I'm trying to follow as many ppl on here as I can so I can see y'all's stories so if y'all could answer with your username that would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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Going to throw one of my own ciphers out here: "53-25 18 66-92-25-56 106-71-92-65 74-77-90-67 33 14-108-47-37-82 50-74-8-104-105." - 19-92-104-22-53-38 6-8-113-10-63-37
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Kiflyte Forum Posts: 1 Questions: 178 Answers: 6969 just wanted to mark this momentous moment to say nice. Glad i caught it in time :)
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