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Greetings. My name's Kylljoy. You can also call me Killjoy or Kyle if you want, but most people I know of just call me "you".

I'm a U.S. High School student who has a passion for CS, the Arts, and a bunch of other stuff like amateur engineering and rocketeering. I usually lack motivation though.

Shoot me a message. I don't play many popular video games and I'm always behind on the latest trend though, so don't expect me to be "in the know" if you want to talk to me about that sort of thing. But I'm always down for a leisurely chat about life, what's going on, or you intermittent woes about the coming of Ukgaraka-Thalmist the Consumer. (Don't worry, I'm sure he'll find you a place in the Seven Eternal Planes of Cha'kae-Mistana)
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