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That one random person who likes miata's. Maybe one day i'll actually take the time to make this mean something. In the mean time, read Catullus 16:

I’ll push your shit in and stuff your face--
Aurelius, you cocksucker; Furius, you little bitch--
since you think that my little poems
have gone soft and I must not be too upright!
It’s true; the devoted poet should stand erect
in his values, but not necessarily in his little
poems, which are truly witty and charming
when they're a little soft, and not too stiff,
but can still cause a little tingling--
I don't just mean for youth, but for hairy men
who can't make their own loins stand upright!
You! You read about my "many kisses"
and doubt I'm fully a man?
I’ll push your shit in and stuff your face.

(yes this is an actual poem)

My skype is lamboguy59 if you want.

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