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June 18th 2021 - I owe Toad a sex change

Weeping hues of red were lain against the polished stone, smelling of sweet rot. The cruel wind sent arrows, frozen by Autumn's chill, straight into the very spine of my soul. The dirt beneath my feet, which was once soft and fresh, is now hard. As hard as the heart that stands over it, looking into the black, polished slab; thinking of the world as it was.

We may sit on opposite sides now, but with death we become equal. Remember that as your hand closes around my throat.

Strange and misshapen shadows follow the lights edge of my candle's flame. The dance like madmen, trying to encase and destroy me. The darkness is an enemy that hasn't left me since birth. It follows me everywhere I travel, waiting for the perfect moment to strike me down. But I am strong. Stronger then it has ever dreamed of being. And with this candle, my guardian, by my side the darkness dares not touch me. Though it is always calling. Mackenzie. It whispers, for it has not the strength to scream or yell. But my curiosity forces me to listen. And my ears force me to look. And soon all I see are shadows; dancing shadows of mischief and freedom. They're dancing to the beat of joy and pleasure, and I can no longer hold back my wonder with fear. I then stand after sitting with my back to the wall, and take my first steps towards the enemy, the destruction, the unknown. I teeter at the edge where the darkness dances. It knows I'm there and trys to drag me in, but I am still too strong. I can see it curl it's branch like fingers around my toes, and feel it's breath on my face. I stretch out my hand and let the shadows burn and spread up my arm. Without warning I leap forward. No restrictions. No regret. And I allow the darkness to surround me.

I like the word implode better then explode because it's more sinister sounding. I also like spiders. I think they're adorable.

"Kid Rock looks like he would smell like old farts and cigarettes." (No-named tweet)
"... more like fresh farts and cigars" ~Kid Rock

"I feel like a used tampon dude" ~Aleks
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