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What I've learned about life so far is that no rules or laws govern the flow of events. It can’t be calculated, formulated, or statistically analyzed. Life just happens. And there are no happiness-ensuring guidelines we must follow, no societal constructions of normalcy that we must fall within. There will always be parts of our experiences that others won’t understand the same way we do. And that’s okay. The ambiguity of This Thing Called Life allows for that. But because of it, advice, no matter how seemingly relevant or authoritative, should simply be seen as an option, not the option. We tend to forget that the amalgam of our experiences is what shapes our perspectives, and that no one can tell us how we should think or feel or act in any given situation. Sometimes our own intuition is the only thing that knows what’s right. Don’t be afraid to follow it, even if it seems crazy. I've found that it can lead to some of the best outcomes.

People are people, things happen, and life, as always, will go on.
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