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I am moonbloom, AKA Kayla.
I'm married to:
Plutian (PenguinRock Group!)
DestinyDreamer (Can never let go of me and Iheart)
IHeartanyonebutyou (My strong and beautiful wife <3 we own a manchine in Hawwai and sell penguins and dolphins for a living. We have four rooms of nutella, nutella kittens and normal kittens to snuggle with, and puppies with puppy breath and penguins WITHOUT fish breath and I giant swimming pool full of jello and we own the pacific and Atlantic oceans! And we own the Nutella company! Yeah!)
Oh, and schemer is cool too.
rchard2scout, along with MANY others (Some that I don't even know) insists that I say that I had my 10,000th post on the 1,000 page of You're Winner in the forum Games section :P 23000000&phrase=Hello%2C+Twocans.&submit=Make+a+statement

I like SlipKnot, Likin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. Along with my favorite German band, Oomph.

~asdasasefasd: Yes, I can pronounce your username.
"Well I was wondering how in the word you manage- YOUR POST COUNT IS OVER 9,000!"

screw everyone and what they think. Just rock life in your own style ;)
If you want to message me, go ahead :) I love messaging :)

My account number is 32215. Cool.
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