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The Odd-Tongued Court Wizard of Fashionable Dress.

Let's all agree to call dragon "Mitch."

107% Polyester-magick weave blend.
Dishwasher safe. Do not iron.
Made in Lemuria

Messages, Asks, Answers, Foruming: I do it all. (Except IRC (usually))
High Wizard of the M.S.P.A.C (MS Paint Avatars Club)
we all kinda have mspainty avatars now, so I guess that's worth a lot more.
My interests are philosophy, books, video games, wandering, and board games in roughly that order.

PM me please! It gives validity to my existential suffering!

Acceptable monikers:

Mr. Pants
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magik
Mr. Magick
Mr. Magickpants
Mr. Magic Pants
Magic Pants
Magik Pants

On steam, I call myself boxcar aldous huxley.

my username has a spelling error: it's supposed to be magickpants with a c and a k. If you don't know why the word magic is (mis)spelled this way, google "magick." Know that thelema is silly, though. Also, I don't believe in real magick, I just like to spell it that way. More explanation of my name can be found at
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