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I be on NP now, as well!

New avatar: Seita and Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies, one of the saddest Miyasaki/Takahata/Ghibli movies ever.

On TwoCans:
I am ndm, official cookie baker of Lights, Camera, Action!, and resident of the Forum Games. I'm a member of the Hug Movement. I also dabble into the realm of Touchy Subjects because I like that kind of thing. I love debating and documentaries. And penguins.

On NP:
Hello, user! I am ndm. I love computers and do lots of web programming [HTML, CSS, etc.], but I don't have any good sites up yet. I need to learn PHP and want to learn something implementable in Windows GUI. I am perpetually going to get a laptop, as I'm currently waiting for Windows 8.
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