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If you have come for my soul, you are too late. My soul is contained in a phylactery hidden from the eyes of humanity. Waiting for the time to resurrect to ensure my immortality. I am neither good nor evil, but an entity bound by oath to scribe knowledge and wisdom for eternity.

Anyway, for the real stuff. My name is NecromanSir. Or Jacob/Jake. It doesn't matter what you call me, I listen all the same. Born and raised in a small town, isolated due to my lack of caring for social clicks I never was involved in much but school work. But after years of hard work on myself, I have come out of my shell and have become much more than I have ever been. I love life, nature, architecture and technology. If you are an individual who love and believe in horoscopes, I am Cancer. You can make your judgements if you wish, I can't stop you. I love philosophy and self improvement books. To me it is honestly mind openers to the potential of what people can do, and teaches me how to help other people become happy. My favorite color is red, I will base everything around this color. I am a total nerd. You want to talk star wars, yes. DnD? Absolutely. MtG? Definitely. Marvel or DC? Marvel. I also like to talk about advanced technology, so if you see something neat... Please throw it my way.

I do not mind direct messaging at all. If there is anything you need, whether it be to ask something about me, talk about a certain subject or to just vent to me I will be here. I will be more than happy to try and cheer some one up. I am honored that you have chosen to come and read my excerpt.

The Menagerie of Souls is a collection of souls that I have obtained or acquired through any means. These souls will be relinquished if the person's will is strong enough. However, dark magics keep these forsaken souls locked away. Credit will be given to Soul Snatchers, those who brings or trades me souls.

/////\\\\\Nathan's Pledged Souls/////\\\\\Self-claimed souls/////\\\\\Traded Souls/////\\\\\Forsaken souls (inactives)/////\\\\\
---------------99% of Emerson
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