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Hello, my name is Camille. Currently college-bound and am really enjoying it. I play a lot of video games and if you would ever like to play something with me just shoot me a message (I play Splatoon, Mario Kart, etc). I will be free only during my breaks so there's that. I enjoy listening to many people from Vivaldi and Tame Impala to Drake and Future. Basically whatever mood I'm currently in. I hope that you have a beautiful day.

3DS Code: 0688-5259-0438
NNID: CarrierPigeon

People I know:
QwEXspam- A weirdo with glasses, who happens to be my friend.
Antidaeophobic- The English teapot.
Asdasasefasd- He's a crazy, cunning man.
Decimal- Who doesn't love him and his great personality?
MeowMix6- Also a nice person! Cool cat friend!
FlyingUnicorns- Better come back soon...
Ecr674- That Lemur owes me a good conversation.
AriahMay- Still owes me those Macy's discounts.
Jackster2.0- An intelligent owl friend that played the cello.

If I forgot you, tell me.

Quotes of Wisdom:

"The Red Death had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous." --Edgar Allen Poe in "Masque of the Red Death"

"When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade." --Hades in Kid Icarus: Uprising

"Haha it's like dancing, you only do just enough to not look stupid." --Ecr674 (He means emoticons.)

"Shyamalan, use his name like you would use a sock. Pretty much all the time." --QwEXspam

"Do not do the do-wop, for the do-wop will steal your food." --QwEXspam

"Bring on the penis!" -Josh Peck

"Shut the fuck up, Millie you fucking stupid chap cunt!" -Josh Peck

"And there is, ladies and gentleman." -Dunkey

"Everything is breakfast after dinner." -A close friend

"This is fine." -Dog
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