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Anyone who wishes to contact me that I want to hear from probably already knows how.
For those who don't, my email address is and my facebook is under the same, though I can also be found by searching my full name, Heather Hancock.

Truth be told, I've over the course of months lost a lot of respect for this site, between moderators who choose to apply the rules only when they want, superficial arguments in which points are deliberately ignored and meaning has been sacrificed for politically correct word choice and inoffensiveness. With it, we've lost honesty.

This site used to be somewhere people could say their honest thoughts and feelings without needing to fear being judged or shunned. This is no longer the case and that, too, disgusts me. This site has gone from something that was truly lovely to a place where everyone cares so much what others think of them, they don't express themselves honestly. it's always a lot nicer when people lie, isn't it?

So why am I taking the time to type this? Because the few of you who I care about will see it at one point or another. Know that you're loved and that y'all can contact me at any time.
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