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Pie, Blitz, Doom, Floyd, Nori, Strada whatever. :)

If you're bored or whatever and wanna chat, I'll chat. Assuming I'm online.

Should I write something about myself? Tell me what you think.

Running Marshmallow Tally (As per Toad's request):
dragonwarrior125: 1 jumbo marshmallow, 4 regular marshmallows, and 3 mini marshmallows
Tinmansgirl27: 9 regualar marshmallows
Jackster2.0: 37 regular marshmallows and 42 mini marshmallows
Plutian: 3 regular marshmallows and 432 mini marshmallows
Toad: 432 mini marshmallows and a Gummy Bear Mint Pomegranate Cream Meringue pie
Coldfrost: 1 regular marshmallow (a mistake on my part) and 11,103 cherry Jolly Ranchers, because I don't like Cherry flavored things.
gws: 2 jumbo marshmallows
Kami-senpai: 2 jumbo marshmallows, 2 regular marshmallows, and 15 mini marshmallows
JustAGirl99: 1 jumbo marshmallow, 10 regular marshmallows, and 15 mini marshmallows
Scoggles: 1 jumbo marshmallow
GuessI'llSeeYouInHell: 2 jumbo marshmallows and 4 regular marshmallows
MaestroandCommander: 5 regular marshmallows
SatanOnCrack: 666 jumbo marshmallows
Red Green: 666 jumbo marshmallows
Joined June 5, 2013 at 6:14 pm.
Stats from other accounts (PRBlitz12 and Houndoom, I think. Maybe one other.):
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Questions Asked: 163
Questions Answered: 3489
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