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Hey, I'm plutian, also known as The Penguin. (Capitalization is important when addressing me that way) I'm an artist, in every meaning of the word. I play guitar, draw, paint, sculpt, and write. I'm really fond of music, my main music streams are blues, rock and gothic metal. Also I speak multiple languages, like Dutch and sign language.
Even though I'm not that old, a lot of things happened in my life. I like to tell about my experiences, so people can learn from them and not make the same mistakes I did. :}
Anyways, I'm crazy as can be, feel like a 15 year old, and mostly behave like one. Actually, I think 15 year old is still too high sometimes :P
So you can find me mostly at the forum games failing to be funny, or promoting penguins. And anywhere else where I feel like I have something to say, which isn't much actually.
Oh, and you rock for reading this :}

Also, since it's out there anyway, I'm John's storywriter. I have abused the question part of this site for some time pushing people to creativity, creating stories out of the replies I received. For anyone interested in stories, randomness and the delicious epicness of nonsense, try this:
Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Ps, I love Moonbloom, she rocks! Penguin rock! And StrangeBird is in said penguin rock band too :}
I love Iheartanyonebutyou. And ponies. Especially ponies.
Plus I love a huge number of other people on here, which I don't feel like listing. But if you feel like you should be on that non-excisting list, you probably are, so congrats on being on the non-list! :} Oh and well, not listing those people doesn't mean I don't love you all, it's just that I don't say it all the time :} So here is once and for all: I LOVE YOU! (will you marry me?)

People I've been married to so far:
highguy22 (First!)
Robert Doggod Esq. (you're awesome)
sunshineshannen (she's my new personal fairy)
LadyGrinningStardust (very yay ^^)
larana (forcefully)
armo (not forcefully)
Super Jebus 2.0 (Secretly I've known all along)
GLaDOS (Also known as schemer7, or Princess Luna, loves me just a bit too much to murder me)
nicklerollshxc (please don't sue me for this!)
thurlg4 (yeah, the psychotic mustache mouse one) :P
Wildface (he wanted to be mentioned, so here it is)
Iheartanyonebutyou (Instead of Schemer7, who cheated on me)
Pinkie Pie (Also known as Inumaniac, planned marriage)
Asdasasefasd (He will rule the world together with me in the great Penguin age)
DestinyDreamer (Approved by her other husband)
Smelly.Gant (She divorced me, so I hate her now, as well as her new husband JAHGoVeg)
Hunterr (Actually just a civil union, but well)
deverykid (She just wants to know how it is to live in a polygamous household)
CaptainLiv (No first mating, only marriage) >:}
antidaeophobic (Naturally)
meg1692 (She was obviously hitting on me, so this is the logical next step)
gollum2010 (A slot slottier than most slots will ever sloth)
Jackster2.0 (Because she won't let me win otherwise)
Houndoom (By order of the stick, I pronounce us now mates)
Next 2 You (Because reasons)
cool7girl7 (With hammer and nails)
Bluebart (Bathed or not)

It's the international penguin generation! Penguins for everyone! Put a penguin in your blurb if you love them! (and if you don't, do it anyway) I have set out on the quest of improving this world with penguins, but actually I am aiming at penguin domination. Penguins rock! :D

Surrender, and thou too shalt be rewarded!

List of random nicknames I've been given. Feel free to come up with something creative, and your name will be added too.
Plutian (Me)
Plutain (MaestroandCommander)
Puntian (dragonwarrior125)
Plutes (larana)
Plutie (Houndoom)
Plute (armo)
Pluts (inumaniac)
Plut (Iheartanyonebutyou)
Pltn (Mustache)
Ploo (deverykid)
Plupie (larana)
Plupert (deverykid)
Plutato (larana)
Plutipie (CaptainLiv)
PlutButt (deverykid)
Plusidon (cool7girl7)
Plutetoot (nips)
Plutastic (larana)
Plutorama (Houndoom)
Plutsidon (Houndoom)
Plutey Poo (cool7girl7)
Pluteyrooty (nips)
Plutesticks (larana)
Pluteypooty (nips)
Pluteycutey (nicklerollshxc)
Pluteyplutes (nicklerollshxc)
Plutes Magoo (Jackster2.0)
Pluteylicious (nips)
Plutesydoodles (Jackster2.0)
Patient Plutian (deverykid)
Plute Suit Riot (Meowmix6)
Pluteywithasexybooty (nips)
Pluteytootyohsocutey (nicklerollshxc)
Pluteypluteyfreshandcutie (nips)
Plutiebatootiebananafafooty (Meowmix6)
Plutey Plute Plute Plumpy Plu (Doomy Doom Doom Dompy Doo)
Pluteus Maximus (Lucid Dreams)
The Penguin (Me)
Pengin (thurlg4)
Pangin (DestinyDreamer)
Lovely Penguin (larana)
Sir Penuin, Esq. (rocofroco)
My Dear Penguin Husband (DestinyDreamer)
Flute (armo)
Flutian (larana)
Captenguin Obvious (Me)
Antarctic aquatic avian (Me)
Beakman (Dread)
Sir Ploopsicle (larana)

MaestroandCommander's "Come up with a totally rad nickname Plutian every day for a month challenge" entries:
Spin Master Plutes of the Pen-Gu with his Funky Fresh Southern Hemisphere Beats
Plubian sandwich
Vladimir Plutin
Plu-Plu Train
Pluty-tooty point and shooty
Plun full of sugar
Plu-tang clan

Why can't I insert sign language below? Oh well, I guess my 10 years of experience studies were for naught then :/
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