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I exist.

16 years old, he/him.
Taken by til.i.die
Message me whenever about whatever, I'd love to have a conversation!

Here's several hours of music I like. I hope you like it too. I'll add a few songs every few days.
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Here's a little history lesson for you. A poll will be provided at the end for a fun little question. Ever heard of the Jonestown Massacre? The origin of the figurative phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid", the largest deliberate loss of U.S. civilian life until the 9/11 attacks, and the event that singl...
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When you get your groceries bagged, do you have your gallons of milk/juice/etc. bagged? And why? I ask this because I've been working in retail for a few months and never considered why some bag their gallons and some don't.
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Favorite Sour Patch Kid?
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Here's a really nice website for producing background noise. While we're all stuck mostly indoors, it might be nice to lay on a cozy bed, sheets tidy, with some headphones on and the sound of your choice playing as if you're really there. My favorite is Autumn Walk. It remin...
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Hi, it's Poodonkus. If you've ever seen my profile page you know about my music playlist. I'm looking for feedback! Vote on how you think about it and tell me any suggestions, thoughts, or things you'd change about it! Link to the playlist:
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