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not a private inspector but call me Kidd. the name just cropped up. maybe i'll migrate accounts.
i'm just someone who needs a proper hobby and a thorough inspection of her priorities.

lurking, mostly.

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Avatar Aficionado (or so I like to think I am.)
Colored Shapes Connoisseur
Former Fractal Fanatic
Sportsball Affiliate on Hiatus.
Komdak... also on Hiatus. (RIP Quest).
Pain!Of!Life! UnPartaker
Team Red (The button is dead!)


*Soul Whereabouts: (Kylljoy) has it.
Kylljoy. “Duct-tape is the answer to everything.” Forum Games, 27 October 2018. Two Cans & String,
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Currently messing around with the new Avatar Editor, Toss me an art request! If requested, I'll send you the finished product once finished.
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