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Male specimen hiding on the edges of terrible discord memes and weebdom.
Bronco has my soul, and I want at least half back!

I'm too lazy to come up with too many faces for my pfp. If you have "ideas", I will gladly show them to the world. You can ask for a blank copy if you like.

Update: Should probably put more here so here you are-

I'm a Cancer. (The zodiac, you fool!)

I love anime if you haven't figured that out. My all-time favorite is hard to determine, so I've decided on Arifureta: From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest. Check it out. Ask me for suggestions if you wish or if you just want to talk to someone about anime.

I am an ultra-pessimistic, at least I like to think of myself as one. That's for you to decide.

I don't have faith in humanity, but I do have faith in human intelligence. We will get far before we inevitably die out, and kill ourselves in the most spectacular way.

Atheist. Nuff said.

Straight as an arrow. Also, nuff said.

Michigan, it's f*cking cold.
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Say anything, and I'll provide the narrated context for why a character thought or said that. Provide pronouns and/or character name if you wish.
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Professional Procrastination
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Hello to all who are coming back to us!
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I am depressed, bored, stressed, happy, pessimistic, content, and just about every other emotion at the same time.
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Take your pick:
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Petition to execute BroncoBoy for his pu-...crimes?
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