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I've discovered that you can tell a lot about me by looking around my room. Let's see... Two guitars and a keyboard (as well as eight harmonicas, a dusty recorder, and a clarinet I haven't looked at in months), two iPods, twelve Rubik's cubes, over 100 books, a deck of Munchkin cards (every expansion as well), two amps, one plugged into my laptop which is sitting haphazardly on top of my periodic table poster. Books include Flatland, a Python manual, and piles of sheet music. Also you can find a shark jaw, mummified crocodile head, and a chunk of obsidian the size of my head. Any Minecrafters out there wanna try and light it on fire? ;) Yep thats my epic room, and I am a total nerd...

UPDATE: Things that are now in my room that weren't when I first wrote that blurb:
Hundreds, if not a few thousand, Magic: the Gathering cards, three anime-themed wall scrolls, a Guy Fawkes mask, the complete works of both Poe and Lovecraft, and, one of my personal favorites, a sign that says "AVOID REALITY AT ALL COSTS" in big block letters ^.^

Also, I have noticed many people posting lists of their friends on the site.
-EatAmmonia (yes, I know.)

INTERESTS: (Achievements in said interests)
Minecraft (Currently programming a redstone calculator)
Fencing (Foil A-Team!)
Python (Not Much...)
Web Development (Learning JavaScript)
Rubik's Cubes (Can Solve a 7x7x7)
Language (Fluent in English, Spanish, learning Esperanto, ASL, Mandarin)
Track and Field (Middle School Captain 2010)
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