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Phew, nothing like a metaphorical shower to start clean. Actually it was a real shower with like twenty old dudes (the YMCA life is hard). Also don't believe my YMCA lie, it's all in my own house.


Well now to formally introduce myself... I am Spam! (Fanfare)

So a little you might want to know:
- Got legs (not to be confused with Lego's) that I use for talking
- Got legos that are also used for walking
- Got milk for when I eat my Oreos
- Arms; used for manhandling pets
- And a soul[1], so don't suspect me for any crimes you may be persuaded to place upon me.
- I like being professional and using those bracketed numbers to cite my sources and show my footnotes [2]
- I go to college now like an adult and should be treated as such, mother.
- Little known fact: I'm half Italian, ask anybody and they'll tell you. Actually the fact that everyone knows probably doesn't make it little-known. Also since I'm 0% Italian, the statement isn't even a fact.
- People need to stop telling other people little known facts or they'll ruin the magic.

Nekokitty123 seems to have hijacked my list of Schindler's, damn


[1] Souls don't exempt people from crimes
[2] From thorough observational study, scientists can say that this guy is not profesh at all
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