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Name: Alex Age: Minor Sexuality: Demisexual Panromantic Queer Gender: Genderfluid Pronouns: They/Them House: Gryffindor Horned Serpent. Faction: Dauntless Religion: Polytheistic Pagan Sign: Aquarius
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*Journey* A swirling, whirling darkness A lonely sort of feeling Confusion and Depression Leave me falling to the ground Isolation is my foe Though she wants to be my friend A swirling, whirling darkness Surrounds me to the end A path glows in the darkness I fear I've lost my mind Questioning and s...
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Opinions that shouldn't be controversial?
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Moving to genderfluid-daemon-faerie
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Since people keep telling me to just post this publicly... Hi! I'm Alex/Arthur. I prefer they/them or he/him pronouns. I'm genderfluid. I'm demisexual panromantic. I'm queer and polyamorous. I'm a polytheistic pagan. What about you? (Format) Name: Pronouns: Gender: Sexuality: Religion:
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