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Hi! I'm Sami, I'm 21 and I like giraffes, colorguard, chocolate, Disney, purple and coloring books. I enjoy things a child would essentially.

I have found a new adoration for Rock Climbing and I'm now a part of the Climbing Club at my college.

I love people, they're just funny beings and they tend to make me laugh, unless they decide to yell and curse at me, which has happened and it makes me all sad and such.

I work at a preschool and at American Eagle.
-I'm attending UNF for their early/elementary education major.
-I'm ADHD and my brain is just a ball of madness and I don't make sense sometimes... other times I type faster than I think which results in spelling and grammatical errors, of which I am greatly ashamed.
-I'm also allergic to Shellfish and I have 2 other medicinal allergies.

My favorite classes are Biology Lab and Introduction to Psychology.

My favorite cheese is feta

I love all music except rap and heavy screamo (yes that includes country, jazz, classical, rock, broadway and everything inbetween)
For APG: I love Journey and all of their songs.

I have a slight addiction to this site, which poses a problem sometimes.

I just figured out I registered July 8th 2011 =]

*Disreguard most things on this blurb. I updated this like, 2 years ago and I don't have the energy to change it tonight* if you want insight to what's actually going on in my life I post on Instagram sometimes... @samibrodnick

*Forum Users That I have Grown To Love*
-APG (one of the nicest guys you will ever meet)
-Armo (a big, lovable robot)
-Artsygirl (a very talented artist, as her name implies- I miss her.)
-Meowmix6 (another very sweet guy)
-DOMJOEPRO (I can't tell you how many times he's made me laugh on the Forum and been there for me irl because he's a sweetheart)
-Nips (Nipseypoo/NipsyEvens, Hysterical, Intelligent and my Club Penguin buddy)
-Venice (She's so compassionate to everyone on here)
-Wildface (Leader of TCaS feud. THE best game on here, also a funny person)

*If there is a reason you should be on this list and you can defend it really well, message me!*
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