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Bored Freshman in HS
Like 3d printing, coding, and games
Also I like pizza
Guess my Irl name


I offer friendship and listening to what troubles you

That's about it

Claimed souls: Quartgallon, Skullfumble, Enbyriot, Beck97, and 1% of Ahsker's soul
Soul: Claimed by Quartgallon

Oh, and for those wondering, I have been rickrolled this year.
ahsker did
You may try again though

I live in Washington

Rest in peace, Flash, rest in peace.

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What do you think of my social links?
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What do you think of my profile?
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Hey, tell me whats wrong. I'm here for you.
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Thoughts on D.B. Cooper?
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I asked blake for a title He said no I'm sad now.
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Hey there, sir, madam, or other. How have you been? I hope you've been doing good, but if not, I can always chat with you, No questions asked. And if you don't want to privately message me, just listen to this: Just know that out of 7.8 billion people, you are unique and have a special set of skills...
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Oh great Blake! Oh grand Poobah! May I request the title of "Android Enthusiast" ?
View Question Listened to this and now I'm a philosopher.
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Shoo trolls! Get off this site! Go back to the bridges that you cower under all day!
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Is it bad that I call the month of June the month of the Ranbow?
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