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i require souls, orphanages, and epilepsy for sustenance. The devil himself sold me his soul just the other day. I will frequently change my pfp. I am a christain male who for some reason likes to fucking act gay and also is interested in demons...

for all those fucks who don't know who Samus Aran is, look into Metroid dammit
I finally found my soul, and I'm giving it 50% to Probot and 50% to axolotl...

-Souls claimed-: ColdMashedPotatoes2 (thanks to axolotl); the devil himself; fred, blonlordpheonix's neighbor's dog (I don't know why); Jay16; StormBringer;

You Shall Not Pass- get blocked by a user
Banned- be part of the banned forum thread
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alright. who fucked with the US this time?
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which is better?
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how many genders are there? personally, i believe there is only 2...
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what's white and sticky?
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What's the most fucked up thing you've seen/heard at school?
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when signing up for socials or websites, do you use your real age or not
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be honest. Who is your celebrity crush?
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Roast me good...
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who is your favorite Highschool DxD character?
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