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See you on May 13th.

5/5/2022: I am abandoning this account soon. It's been 11 years; I was 14 when I joined this site and I am 25 now. It's about time I head out. So, this bio will only be accurate to who I am currently. But perhaps when you are reading this, I will be very different.

From here on out, if I do decide to return, I will only visit on May 13th (gotta keep those dates matching)

I love the Kansas City Royals no matter how bad they are.
I am a Catholic convert and I hope to become a nun some day.
I struggle with binge eating.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is my favorite Star Trek.
My favorite movie is 7th Heaven (1927).
My favorite book is "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" by Anne Brontë.
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