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if youre cool, im cool

my soul has been claimed by W_Licky and BroncoBoy18 (they are sharing)

souls ive claimed:, yurrrrr, sh4rk, blizzard, abigail is cringe, Spore Insanity, fizh, Toad, y0man, sappy, Klortax, and 6% of ahsker's

im in The Pain of Life, message dementedkermit for details


tip: my name is plural. do not say stripe. thank you
tip 2: i don't like typing with grammar. its not my thing
tip 3: if i see you and im not already following you, beware (i will follow you)
tip 4: i will be more active soon, its okay.
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this is a test to see how many votes i can get on a poll. please click one of the options, it doesn't matter which one. please. i believe in you.
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i am stripes. AMA
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