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if youre cool, im cool

my soul has been claimed by W_Licky (50%) and BroncoBoy18 (25%) (they are sharing) (i have 25% of my own soul)

souls ive claimed:, yurrrrr, sh4rk, blizzard, abigail is cringe, Spore Insanity, fizh, Toad, y0man, sappy, Klortax, RobertRet, and 6% of ahsker's

im a midnight buddy

im in The Pain of Life, message dementedkermit for details

im transgender. yeah, FTM. feel free to talk to me about it

if you want some advice or just someone to listen, then message me the strawberry emoji ( 🍓 ) and i'll be there, no judgement

tip: my name is plural. do not say stripe. thank you
tip 2: i don't like typing with grammar. its not my thing
tip 3: if i see you and im not already following you, beware (i will follow you)
tip 4: its kinda my thing 😏
tip 5: sometimes i get sad
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I am male.
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it seems people dont understand my asks that are like "[statement]. strongly agree, agree, neutral... etc" im asking if it applies to you, not to me
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this is a test to see how many votes i can get on a poll. please click one of the options, it doesn't matter which one. please. i believe in you.
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i am stripes. AMA
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