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The sun rises and sets even if you don't see it, unless you are in Alaska where it is either permanent night or permanent day.

If life gives you lemons make grape juice and leave the world wondering how the hell you did it.

These are some useless quotes but they still exist, and so do I even if I lurk sometimes. If you feel like talking go ahead and PM me I will try my best to answer within 3-4 days at the latest. I am always willing to talk. Otherwise I usually hang out on the forum.

Oh and don't be afraid to ask questions. The first step to learning something new is having the courage to ask for clarification. The only stupid question is: Is there a such thing as a stupid question? Because the seeking of knowledge is honorable no matter how trivial it may seem. Please and tanks.

I have returned. Long reign the Procrastination Revolution! Also E.

The cat council has spoken. Give me all your tuna!

Local Cat Goddess

The gnome has been captured and sold. I used the money to buy gnome traps. Beware of mischievous gnomes who want to shrink you.

My power grows. Vive le revolution


All hail our savior Jaxxie. Join us in eternal enlightenment. Life is pain. Pain is life. This is the cycle we hate but must never break, for it is a constant in an otherwise unstable existence.


Souls I own: Mobius, Starlord, treehugger4568, Meg-alomaniac, bluesun, SeryMay, Le'Saac, Poodonkus913, Kitten Lord, TheDarkWeeb, Banana War, RowanQLX11, b-eagleye3, Señor Don Gato, RickHarrison, mariokirby46, Th3ta67, Nemus Stipes, technically-delbeto, Driftnut08, Delbeto, uiop123, applesauce991, **meme review**, Cities_of_Gold, cordellstoll, and redconverse.
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Poem time. The light of the ancients doth fade from these lands, The ways of old exist no more. But it is through our hands we shall win this everlasting war. Let the trumpets cry from atop the hills, Anon anon the Lord doth speak. Only to have its warning trills fall on minds so weak. What do you...
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If wishes were fishes the world would be fed, Not a soul would go hungry or so it is said. But when wishes become dreams, become reality, The phrase is changed in its meaning entirely. For walking among the lands of your head, Saves those who are among the land of next dead. Creativity is the eye of...
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Hi hi he ho to the gallows we blow, Heave ho hi ho it's to the gallows we go. Heave ho hi ho we row to the Dutchman's wake, Hi ho he ho for our penance we must take. The curse of the Jolly Roger wails it's droning toll, Hi ho heave he a sailors life chose me. Hi ho heave he a pirates life at sea. Wi...
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I do have meter and parameter, But perhaps I should say, to show another. AB or CD, I always know my tune, AC BD or even ABCD could be used by a loon. But to show conformation was never my way, Freestyle a mere child's play. My abnormality may seem a bit outside the box, But pree thee young jester d...
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To the people who say to stop posting my poems. I say this. The fires of rebellion will burn for all eternity, May you rest peacefully knowing this is your destiny. You have created a monster and now it is free, You know what you've done this isn't on me. The damn has broken the mask you no longer s...
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A longing to belong runs deep in my soul, A need to bleed runs deep in my heart, A desire to please burns me within, Leaving a cold empty hole as black as coal.
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Could it be? Is it true? Are you the most beautiful one I see? No it's not. It's a lie. You're the vilest creature that's ever been. Is it me? Did I fail? Could it have all been prevented? The answer is yes no yes. But still I traveled searching for an answer I could never guess. It was me who I saw...
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Ode to The Keeper of Broken Things An original freestyle poem by tc3692 The nights grow darker and mornings bleaker, The winds blow colder and whisper of longing, My days are spent only to seek her, Yet my mind still lingers on feelings of longing. My nightmares whisper sweet sins in my ear, Throug...
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