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CAUTION: Live Enigmas
The sun rises and sets even if you don't see it, unless you are in Alaska where it is either permanent night or permanent day.

If life gives you lemons make grape juice and leave the world wondering how the hell you did it.

These are some useless quotes but they still exist, and so do I even if I lurk sometimes. If you feel like talking go ahead and PM me I will try my best to answer within 3-4 days at the latest. I am always willing to talk. Otherwise I usually hang out on the forum.

Oh and don't be afraid to ask questions. The first step to learning something new is having the courage to ask for clarification. The only stupid question is: Is there a such thing as a stupid question? Because the seeking of knowledge is honorable no matter how trivial it may seem. Please and tanks.

I have returned. Long reign the Procrastination Revolution! Also E.

The cat council has spoken. Give me all your tuna!

Local Cat Goddess

The gnome has been captured and sold. I used the money to buy gnome traps. Beware of mischievous gnomes who want to shrink you.

All hail our savior Jaxxie. Join us in eternal enlightenment. Life is pain. Pain is life. This is the cycle we hate but must never break, for it is a constant in an otherwise unstable existence.


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